Endorsements: Independents, Greens, and Libertarians

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Statement from the Johnson-Weld campaign:

Ranked Choice Voting levels the playing field for candidates with the best ideas and gives more voice and more choice to voters in elections and in our democracy. You should never be pressured to vote for the lesser of two evils when there is another candidate you really like. If approved by voters in Maine this November, Question 5 would enact Ranked Choice Voting for state and federal elections. This citizen initiative is broadly supported by Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Greens, and Libertarians. Seventy-three thousands Maine citizens signed petitions circulated by 900 volunteers to place it on the ballot.

"The citizens of Maine understand that the system is broken, and that they will be better off when voters have more voice and more choice in elections," said Governor Gary Johnson. "I encourage Maine voters to join us in supporting Ranked Choice Voting, and voting Yes on Question 5 at the ballot box."

"Mainers across the political spectrum should support-ranked choice voting because it will put a significant dent in negative advertising. When candidates are encouraged to compete for both first- and second-choice rankings in order to build a broad base of support, they can’t afford to run a negative campaign. They have to stick to the issues, otherwise they run the risk of alienating voters who might see them as a second choice."


  • Kent Ackley, Monmouth, Owner, Rhode Island Lead Technicians, Inc
  • Maria Anderson, Portland, Reverend, St Ansgar Evangelical Lutheran Church

  • Seth Baker, Portland, Candidate for State Senator

"I believe that ranked choice voting would inspire voters to feel more confident in their selection of the best man or woman for the job without fear of helping to elect their least favorite candidate."

  • Dottie Barry, Kittery, Ranked Choice Voting Supporter

"For years I worked on Libertarian Party Outreach booths on campus and at fairs and I constantly heard from folks on both sides of the political spectrum that they'd absolutely vote for the Libertarian if we had any chance of winning, but that it would be a wasted vote otherwise and the "other" candidate may win. Ranked Choice Voting entirely eliminates this objection for races here in Maine and it will break the strangle hold that the two parties have had on our system for far too long while ensuring that the candidates who are elected are always elected with the full majority of support of the electorate."

  • Michael Berube, Denmark, Real Estate Photographer, Maine Virtual Home Tours
  • Joe Brooks, Winterport, Former State Legislator
  • James Campbell, West Newfield, State Representative
  • Lara Campbell, Kennebunk, Reverend, First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church of Kennebunk
  • Doug Cardente, Yarmouth, Real Estate Management, Arrow Realty
  • Matthew Cardente, Yarmouth, President, Cardente Real Estate, Construction, and Property Management Company
  • Charles Crosby, Topsham, County Commissioner, Sagadahoc County
  • Ross Cunningham, Lisbon, Executive Director, Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Eliot Cutler, Cape Elizabeth, Former Candidate for Governor 
  • Jerry Davis, Falmouth, Former State Representative; Former State Senator

  • Bill Dunn, Yarmouth, Owner, Sunset Point, LLC
  • John Eder, Portland, Former State Representative
  • Representative Jeffrey Evangelos, Friendship, State Representative

"We need an electoral system that reflects the unique nature of politics in Maine. We need an electoral system that empowers voters with more meaningful choices. And we need an electoral system that ensures that the will of the majority is never defeated by the will of the minority."

  • Barbara Fenderson, Bar Harbor, Ranked Choice Voting Supporter
  • Nathan Ferrell, Falmouth, Reverend, Episcopal Church of St. Mary, Falmouth

“Ranked Choice Voting will allow Mainers to truly express their preferences for our elected officials. We shouldn't have to pick candidates by who has the best chance of winning-- we need real leaders who can transcend party affiliations to get work done. Yes on 5 is a step in the right direction towards improving Maine politics for everyone.”

  • Maria Fuentes, Hallowell, Executive Director, Maine Better Transportation Association
  • Lydia Goetze, Southwest Harbor, Selectperson, Town of Southwest Harbor
  • Jerry Goss, Brewer, Councilor, City of Brewer
  • Michael Gray, Kennebunk, Pastor, Old Orchard Beach United Methodist Church
  • Gil Harris, Limerick, Chairman, Green Independent Party of Maine
  • Treasurer Terry Hayes, Buckfield, State Treasurer, State of Maine

  • Griffin Johnson, Hodgdon, Ranked Choice Voting Supporter
  • Steven Konstantino, Freeport, Owner, Performance Building Supply
  • Pat LaMarche, Yarmouth, Former Candidate for Governor; Former Vice Presidential Nominee, Green Independent Party
  • Shawn Levasseur, Rockland, Vice President, Electrotech, Inc.
  • Christopher Lockwood, Hallowell, Former Executive Director ,Maine Municipal Association
  • Thomas MacMillan, Gorham, Former Candidate for Mayor, City of Portland; Former Chair of Portland Green Independent Committee
  • Jorge MaderalBrunswick, former Chair, Libertarian Party of Maine

“Ranked Choice Voting is works! In 2011 I ran for mayor in Portland under the new Ranked Choice Voting system. The voters embraced the new system and the candidates did too. The best part was that candidates no longer found it necessary to attack opponents. Instead of mud slinging, candidates worked to build coalitions! As a candidate and a voter, I have found RCV to be fair and easily understood. Please join me this fall by voting yes on Ranked Choice Voting!”

  • David Marshall, Portland, Former Councilor, City of Portland
  • John Melrose, Vassalboro, Member, Vassalboro Budget Committee
  • Mimi Mills, Biddeford, Pastor, Cornerstone United Methodist Church, Saco; Crossroads UMC, Sanford
  • Chip Morrison, Auburn, CEO, Androscoggin Bank; Former Director, Lewiston-Auburn Chamber of Commerce 
  • Karen Munson, Brunswick, Pastor, Brunswick United Methodist Church
  • Ted O'Meara, Yarmouth, Managing Principal/Public Affairs, Garrand
  • Sandy Oliver, Islesboro, Selectperson, Town of Islesboro
  • Tobias Parkhurst, Augusta, Owner, O&P Glass
  • Josh Plourde, Bangor, City Councilor, City of Bangor

“I must admit, I’ve voted for people that others considered “spoilers.” I wanted my candidates to win. It didn’t happen, but they were my top choices at the time. I would have rather had a chance to put down a second choice so that my vote wasn’t wasted and that eventually one candidate would receive a majority of the votes.”

  • Nancy Randolph, Topsham, Former Selectperson, Town of Topsham; Former Councilor, Town of Brunswick

“In the present electoral system of winner-take-all and first-past-the-post, this often results in winners elected by fewer than half of the voters. This violates a fundamental principle of American representative democracy: majority rule. None of Maine’s governors have been elected to their first term by a majority of voters in the last 40 years!”

  • John Rensenbrink, Brunswick, Founding Member, Green Party of the United States, Maine Green Independent Party
  • Walter Riseman, Harrison, Owner, Community Concepts
  • David Rollins, Augusta, Mayor, Town of Augusta; Real Estate Appraiser, Rollins Apraisal Service

  • Cushing Samp, Saco, County Co-Chair, Saco, York County
  • Justin Schair, Freeport, President, Casco Passage LLC
  • Mark Schoninger, Bath, Owner, Bath Natural Market
  • Lee Schultheis, Freeport, Former Candidate for Governor
  • Richard Senghas, Scarborough, Retired Priest, Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland

"Maine has the potential to prosper, but only if we can work together, and it all begins at the polling booth."

  • Jeff Sloan, Carrabassett Valley, Ranked Choice Voting Supporter
  • Bruce Taylor, Sweden, Selectperson, Town of Sweden
  • Bob Tibbetts, Waite, Selectperson, Town of Waite
  • Rev. Tamara Torres, Portland, Associate Minister, First Parish Congregational UCC, Gorham
  • Gregory Ward, Limestone, Selectperson, Town of Limestone
  • Nate Wildes, Harpswell, Co-owner, Flightdeck Brewing
  • Lisa WilleyCasco, former Co-Chair, Maine Green Independent Party
  • Jeremy Wintersteen, Portland, Owner/Principal, Conservation Outcomes

“As soon as you have three, four, five candidates … we are in a situation where the winner is not winning with a pure majority; they are winning typically with less than a majority — meaning most people are not voting for the person who wins under our current system.”

  • Dick Woodbury, Yarmouth, Former State Senator