Endorsements: Students and Teachers

“Ranked Choice Voting is a simple method to give more voice to Maine voters.”
- Charlie Urquhart, Social Studies Teacher, Richmond High School

"Ever since I moved to Maine, when I was three years old, I haven't seen a single Governor elected with a majority of the vote. By the time I get to vote in 2018 there is the possibility that things might change."
- Jackson Dinsmore, Senior, Baxter Academy

“See-saw politics have deprived our schools and our communities of the resources we need to educate and raise our children.”
- Mike Thurston, Social Studies Teacher, Winslow High School

"How can we teach our children to be civil and cooperate when the current system encourages so much mudslinging and partisan gridlock?"
- Christi Goosman, Social Studies Teacher, Searsport District High School

"Ranked Choice Voting would make our elections more like a Socratic dialogue than an exercise in slandering opponents." 
- Jerry Davis, Retired History Teacher, Portland High School; Former State Senator

"Ranked Choice Voting is a great way to try and encourage a broader range of candidates to try and seek office because it doesn't limit it to two choices or three choices, but people with new ideas and fresh approaches will a chance to go out and share those ideas with voters and have an impact."
- Dave Farrington, Social Studies Teacher, Gorham High School; Former State Representative

"Ranked Choice Voting is truly a bipartisan reform. It will guarantee that all votes count and that the voice of each voter will matter. By moving to this common sense system Mainers will have a more definitive role in their elections."
- Professor Mark Lapping, Public Policy, Muskie School of Public Service

"My profession has a great deal to say about the impact of ranked-choice voting... the vast majority of political science research on ranked-choice voting evaluates it positively — not as the savior to make all elections perfect, but as a reform that improves specific elements of the electoral process."
- Professor L. Sandy Maisel, Political Science, Colby College 

"I believe that Ranked Choice Voting will make politics better for everyone, and since this is going to be my first election I would like to vote 'yes' on something that will change all of our politics in a positive way."
- Avery Arena, Senior, Gorham High School