Endorsements: Republicans

  • Abe Additon, Leeds, Former Selectman, Town of Leeds 
  • Commissioner Jim Annis, Dover-Foxcroft, Former State Representative; County Commissioner, Piscataquis County and Somerset County

  • Ron Bancroft, Cumberland, Owner, Bancroft and Company; Chairman, Maine Coalition for Excellence in Education

“Decades of rancor and scorched-earth politics have created an environment where it is difficult to get anything accomplished. Ranked-choice voting encourages candidates to reach beyond their bases to earn first-, second- and, in crowded races, third-choice rankings.”

  • The Honorable Kerri Bickford, Topsham, Former State Representative 
  • Minister Celestyne Bragg, Kittery, Associate Minister, New Hope Baptist Church

  • Mike Cambareri Portland, Ranked Choice Voting Supporter
  • The Honorable Joseph Carleton, Kittery, Former State Representative

“If you are tired of partisan politics as usual, you owe it to yourself, and to future generations, to initiate that change.” 

  • Kevin Chasse, Dover-Foxcroft, County Co-Chair for Yes on 5, Piscataquis County

“Ranked-choice voting offers an opportunity for those of us who have felt disenfranchised by the political status quo to take back the power the Constitution intended we should have all along.” 

  • Selectperson Phil Crossman, Vinalhaven, Selectperson, Town of Vinalhaven 
  • Councilor Nelson Durgin, Bangor, Councilor, City of Bangor; Former Commissioner of the Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management under Governor McKernan 
  • Dr. David Edsall, Ellsworth, Candidate for Maine State Legislature 

  • Mark Ellis, Gardiner, Former Chair of the Maine Republican Party 
  • Pastor Ernest Farrar, Wayne, Pastor, Wayne Community United Methodist Church 
  • The Honorable Donna Finley, Skowhegan, Former State Representative Representative 
  • The Honorable Robert Fisk, Falmouth, President, Maine Friends of Animals; Former State Representative
  • The Honorable Stacey Fitts, Pittsfield, Former State Representative

“Elections won without a majority are lose-lose for voters and elected officials, who are denied a mandate to govern. Actual runoff elections do not reflect the will of the majority. Ranked Choice Voting are a win-win proposition for voters and elected officials. The built-in “instant runoffs” narrow down the field of candidates one-by-one, until one candidate reaches a majority and wins. In each round, the last-place candidate is eliminated and your vote counts for the candidate you ranked highest who is still competing. With Ranked Choice Voting, all of us participate, equally, in electing consensus candidates who are more broadly supported by the people.”

  • The Honorable Les Fossel, Alna, Former State Representative; Owner, Les Fossel's Restoration Resources
  • Al Godfrey, Gardiner, Engineer, Terra Magna Services Inc. 
  • Selectperson Richard Goodwin, Charleston, Selectperson, Town of Charleston 
  • The Honorable Horace Hildreth, Falmouth, Former State Senator; Former CEO of Diversified Communications
  • The Honorable Sherry Huber, Falmouth, Executive, Maine TREE Foundation; Former State Representative; Former Candidate for Governor 
  • The Honorable Ken Lemont, Kittery, Former State Senator 
  • The Honorable Thomas Martin, Benton, Former State Senator; Owner, Nitram Excavation & General Contractors 
  • Commissioner Hamilton Meserve, Newagen, County Commissioner, Lincoln County 

  • The Honorable Peter Mills, Cornville, Former State Representative; Former State Senator; Former Candidate for Governor
  • The Honorable Betty Lou Mitchell, Etna, Former State Senator 
  • Jim Nicholson, China, Former Treasurer, Maine Republican Party

“Picture yourself in the voting booth on Election Day. Think about how tired you are of nasty campaigns and how much you want to elect a leader the majority of voters support. When you get to the question about ranked-choice voting, do something good for yourself and your fellow Mainers. Vote ‘yes’ in support of ranked-choice voting this November, so we can have a better system.”

  • Clare Payne, Holden, Former Councilor, Town of Holden 
  • Wendy Penley, South Paris, County Co-Chair for Yes on 5, Oxford County

  • Adam Pontius, Portland, Republican Candidate for District 27
  • The Honorable Chris Rector, Thomaston, Former State Senator; Former State Representative
  • Reverend Michael Robinson, Lincoln, Reverend, First Congregational Church of Lincoln UCC
  • Councilor Bruce Roullard, Gorham, Councilor, Town of Gorham 
  • Selectperson Keith Scott, Charleston, Selectperson, Town of Charleston

"We have a unique opportunity this year to combat extreme politics and negative campaigning... Question 5 will help to put us on the path to solving problems once again, so we can grow Maine’s economy, create jobs and improve our quality of life.” 

  • Jim Shaffer, Cape Elizabeth, Former Dean, University of Southern Maine: School of Business; Former CEO, Guy Gannett Communications

“We desperately need this. I’ve spent my career in politics, and never — until the last few elections — saw such brutal, negative, nasty advertising. Some of the attack pieces against legislative candidates were astonishing — and very troubling. Yes, the nastiness has gotten all the way down to the legislative candidate’s level, often coming from national groups that can spend unlimited dollars in these races.” 

  • George Smith, Mount Vernon, Former Executive Director, Sportsman Alliance of Maine (SAM)
  • Councilor Judith Stebbins, Winthrop, Councilor, Town of Winthrop 
  • Doug Stevenson, Wayne, Principal, Energy Options Consulting

“No vote should ever be wasted, and no Maine resident should ever not be heard.” 

  • Torrey Sylvester, Hodgon, Former Selectperson, Town of Hodgdon
  • Selectperson Ernie Thomas, Dover-Foxcroft, Selectperson, Town of Dover-Foxcroft