Article: "Group wants voters to change Maine's voting system in 2016"

Video: "Petitioners want statewide vote on ranked choice voting"


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Video: "Ranked Choice Voting advocates deliver signatures"



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Article: "Ranked Choice Voting to appear on Maine ballot in 2016, pending petition certification"

Article: "Grassroots effort in Maine garners over 70,000 signatures for ranked choice voting"

Article: "Ranked Choice Voting Advocates Deliver Signatures"

Article: "Ranked Choice Voting Could Be Headed for the Ballot'

Portland Press Herald

Maine could become the first state to swap its traditional election system for one in which the winning candidates for Congress and state offices are selected by ranked-choice voting.

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Article: "Maine group launching campaign for ranked-choice voting"

Article: "Group seeks to change dynamics of Maine voting"

Editorial: "How Elections Should Be"