Letter to Lawmakers from Maine Leaders

June 14, 2017


Dear Senators and Representatives,

We’re writing to urge the 128th Maine Legislature to uphold the will of Maine voters, oppose repeal of Maine’s Ranked Choice Voting law, and allow this voting system to be implemented for the seven elections that are permitted by the Supreme Court's advisory opinion.

There are no constitutional questions about using Ranked Choice Voting in 7 out of 10 elections approved by Maine voters last November. These include primary elections for governor, state senate, state house, U.S. Congress, and U.S. Senate, and general elections for U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate. The “plurality provisions” in the Maine Constitution only pertain to the 3 general elections for governor, state senate, and state house.

To bring Maine’s Ranked Choice Voting law into full constitutional compliance, the Legislature can either remove these three state general elections from the statute or update the law to include language that allows for Ranked Choice Voting to be used in these 3 elections upon such time that the Legislature passes and the people ratify a constitutional amendment.

Article I, Section II of Maine’s Constitution grants Maine people the ultimate authority to “alter, reform, or totally change” the way we elect our leaders. Maine people exercised this fundamental right when they voted to adopt Ranked Choice Voting last November. Regardless of your personal opinion on Ranked Choice Voting, this voting reform was approved by the second largest referendum vote of the people in Maine’s history. Please respect the will of the people. No repeal. No delay.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration,

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