Letter: "Ranked Choice Voting Effort is Nonpartisan"

Kennebec Journal

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On Nov. 18, a group of local political leaders and concerned citizens gathered in Hallowell for an informational meeting concerning ranked-choice voting. This is a common-sense improvement of our democratic process, which, in the words of one person, “will ensure my vote goes toward electing the candidate that I like the most, without worrying about my vote going toward electing the candidate that I like the least.”

The campaign to implement ranked-choice voting is a non-partisan effort with endorsements from Republicans, Democrats and independents alike. Ranked-choice voting has the promise of not only expressing the voice of the people more clearly through our political process but also of helping to eliminate negative campaigning.

Ranked-choice voting has been tried successfully in the courts; implemented in many nations, cities and counties and all with positive results.

I urge others to learn more about this grassroots effort to adopt ranked-choice voting whereby Maine can lead the nation toward moderation and away from partisan extremism. For more information, visit: www.rcvmaine.com.

Martin Spahn


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