Welcome to the final stretch! From June 7th until the polls close on June 12th we will be making phone calls to encourage our supporters to get out and vote in this year's June election. A well executed Get Out The Vote (GOTV) effort can be the difference between winning and losing. In order to protect Ranked Choice Voting we need your help! Please sign up for as many phone shifts as you can during the final six day stretch. Even if you can only help for an hour or two, we still need your help. After you sign up, an organizer will reach out to let you know about a phone bank near you or how to log on from home. Let's do this!

June 07, 2018 at 9am - June 12, 2018
Statewide Phonebanking
Christopher Cayer · · (207)391-5989
Clergue Jones Chad Urso McDaniel Matt Belden Susan Labandibar Mary Becker Martin Grohman Valerie Kelly Brett Meiler Sarah Russell Jackie Grohoski Alice Smith Duncan Sarah Otterson Gavin Barbour Cheryl Walker David Gulick thomas crowe Kenneth Rothschild Lani Graham Emanuel and Lea Pariser and Girardin Carin Dunay William Dunn Heather Abbott Abi Morrison Ronald Bancroft Olivia Paruk Sally A Merchant Sande Updegraph Linda Miller Cleary Christine Haiss Nancy Jacobson Charlotte Brown Emily Ecker Hugh McNichol Tom Waddell Alison Truesdale Cara McCormick Hannah Cyrus Christopher Cayer

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