Endorsements: Faith Leaders

Click here to read a sign-on letter from Clergy and Faith Leaders for Ranked Choice Voting.

  • Reverend Kent Allen, Yarmouth, Minister, First Parish Congregational UCC, Yarmouth     
  • Reverend Maria Anderson, Portland, St Ansgar Evangelical Lutheran Church

  • The Honorable Cushman Anthony, Falmouth, UU Representative, Maine Council of Churches Board Member; Unitarian Universalist Church           
  • Reverend Margaret Anzalone,Winslow, Universalist Unitarian Church of Waterville
  • Pastor James Arrison, Freeport, People's United Methodist Church  
  • Reverend John Balicki, Brunswick, St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Waterville        
  • Rev. Dr. Diana Beach, Thomaston, Retired Episcopal Priest
  • Rev. Richard Beal, Norway, Retired Unitarian Universalist Minister
  • Rev. Margaret Beckman, Pittsfield, First Universalist Church
  • Pastor Robert Benson, Mount Desert, Pastor, Bar Harbor Congregational UCC; Long Island Congregational UCC, Frenchboro
  • Reverend Ian Bockus, Prospect, Former Minister, Trinity Episcopal Church    
  • Reverend Timothy Boggs, Cape Elizabeth, Reverend, Episcopal Church;  Rector, St. Alban's Episcopal Church           
  • Thomas Boudin, Edgecomb, Treasurer, Edgecombe Community Church, Edgecomb; United Congregationalist    
  • Reverend Doctor Albert Boyce, Vassalboro, Unitarian Universalist Minister   
  • Rev. Celestyne Bragg, Kittery, New Hope Baptist Church
  • Reverend David Butler, Gorham, Retired UCC Minister       
  • Reverend Lara Campbell, Kennebunk, First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church of Kennebunk   
  • Reverend Nancee Campbell, Augusta, Retired Minister, Unitarian Universalist Church
  • Reverend Stephen Carnahan, Auburn, Pastor, High Street Congregational Church UCC, Auburn   
  • Pastor Randy Cathcart, Westbrook, Former Pastor, Assemblies of God Church       
  • Rabbi Joshua Chasan, Portland, Retired Rabbi, Ohavi Zedek Synagogue, Portland    
  • Reverend Doctor Steve Crowson, Litchfield, Trinity Episcopal Church, Lewiston       
  • Chaplain Alejandro Dejesus, Augusta, Clinical Staff Chaplain, VA Maine Healthcare System instead of Catholic  Church           
  • Reverend Doctor Mark Doty, Brewer, Hammond Street Congregational Church UCC, Bangor
  • Reverend Priscilla Dreyman,South Portland, Retired Methodist Minister, South Portland   
  • Reverend Mia Dyson, Freeport, Wellspring Multifaith Center            
  • Reverend Doctor Marvin Ellison, Portland, Former Professor of Christian Ethics, Bangor Theological Seminary; Ordained Presbyterian Minister, Portland           
  • Pastor Sara Ewing-Merrill, Portland, HopeGateWay United Methodist Church
  • Pastor Ernest Farrar, Wayne, Pastor, Wayne Community United Methodist Church   
  • Hannah Faulkner, Pianist, Augusta, Unitarian Universalist Community Church
  • Friar Nathan Ferrell, Falmouth, Episcopal Church of St. Mary, Falmouth      

"Maine voters have a historic opportunity this year to restore majority rule, and to curb the increasingly negative character of campaigns. The type of campaigning that this system requires — reaching out for second and third choice support — is precisely the style that prepares our leaders to effectively govern in Augusta and Washington. Campaigning toward the lowest common denominator to just 30 or 35 percent of the electorate does not bode well when the time comes to actually govern and lead. When we require a majority vote, we are instilling the principles of compromise and consensus-building that are vital for a functioning government."

  • Julia Fitz-Randolph, Pemaquid, Board Member, MUUSAN; Midcoast Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Damariscotta           
  • Reverend Sue Gabrielson, Yarmouth, Sanford UU Church   

"This is more than an endorsement. This is a call to action to improve the political climate in Maine. We need our candidates to care about the causes that affect all of us, not to focus on wedge issues that divide us."

  • Pastor Michael Gray, Kennebunk, Pastor, Old Orchard Beach United Methodist Church   

  • Reverend Bill Gregory, Yarmouth, First Parish Congregational Church, Yarmouth       
  • Reverend Lorna Grenfell, Orono, Church of Universal Fellowship, Orono           
  • Reverend Erika Hewitt, Bath, Midcoast Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Damariscotta   
  • Reverend Dale Holden, Houlton, First Congregational Church of Houlton UCC       
  • Reverend David Hutchinson, Monticello, Unitarian Universalist Church of Houlton       
  • Rabbi Rachel Isaacs, Portland, Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies at Colby College, Portland; Spiritual Leader, Beth Israel Congregation   

"Ranked Choice Voting creates more generous spirit and greater respect for the dignity of our differences. When a candidate is required to win votes across parties, the dialogue is moved from divineness to civil engagement and compromise, from negativity to values and visions, from vitriol to experiences and capabilities."

  • Reverend Carie Johnsen, Winthrop, Minister, Unitarian Universalist Community Church, Augusta           
  • Reverend Samuel Johnson, Wells, Retired Clergy Member, United Methodist Church,Wells           
  • Reverend Doctor Mykel Johnson, North Yarmouth, Reverend, Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church, Portland           
  • Reverend Ted Kanellakis, Camden, Retired Episcopal Priest, Camden           
  • Reverend Lorraine Kardash, South Portland, Reverend, The Portland New Church   
  • Mary Ann Larson, Auburn, Steering Committee, MUUSAN
  • Rabbi Darrah Lerner, Bangor, Synagogue Beth El
  • Reverend Scott Lovaas, Gorham, Interim Minister, First Parish Congregational UCC, Gorham         
  • Pastor Mimi Magee, Kennebunk, United Methodist Church

"Ranked Choice Voting brings justice back into our political system. By allowing voters to vote their conscience we will open the playing field to include all those who wish to participate in a more positive political experience."

  • Reverend David Matson, Readfield, Rector, St. Barnabas and St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, Hallowell           
  • Reverend Donald Mayberry, Norway, Pastor, The First Congregational Church of South Paris 
  • Dale McCormick, Augusta, Steering Committee, MUUSAN

“During every election cycle, the angry cry of 'spoiler' arises from the two major political parties. Maine can solve this problem through a referendum-initiated change called ranked choice voting.”

  • Reverend Doctor Stan Moody, Glenburn, Senior Pastor, Columbia St. Baptist, Bangor   
  • Reverend Robert Moore, Wells, Elder, Retired Minister, HopeGateWay United Methodist Church, Portland           
  • Pastor Ralph Moore, Rockland, Retired Rector, Episcopal Church, Rockland       
  • Rita Moran, Member, Augusta, Eminent Grove
  • Reverend Frank Morin, Augusta, Clergy, RC Bishop, St. Michael Catholic Parish, Augusta; Sacred Heart Parish, Hallowell           
  • Rev. Dr. Karen L. Munson, Topsham, District Superintendent, United Methodist Church
  • Reverend Doctor Douglas Nielsen, Dayton, First Parish Congregational Church of Saco   
  • Rev. David Olson, Brunswick, Retired Minister, and Nancy Olson
  • Reverend Timothy Parsons, Norway, St. Barnabas' Episcopal Church, Rumford       
  • Kent Price, Castine, Steering Committee, MUUSAN
  • Reverend Michael Robinson, Lincoln, First Congregational Church of Lincoln UCC; Springfield Congregational UCC       

"Ranked Choice Voting provides a more nuanced approach for voters and gives the electorate an increased number of options, making it more democratic.

  • Reverend Donald Rudalevige, Cape Elizabeth, Retired United Methodist Pastor and District Superintendent, Cape Elizabeth           
  • Rabbi Jared Saks, South Portland, Rabbi, Congregation Bet Ha'am           
  • Reverend William Saunders, Portland, Unitarian Universalist Minister           
  • Reverend Richard Senghas, Scarborough, Retired Priest, Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland       
  • Bettyann Sheats, Auburn, Vestry Member, St Michael’s Episcopal Church
  • Martha Soule, Readfield, Instructor, Peaceful Heart Sangha, Tradition of Thich Nhat Hahn
  • Reverend Fayre Stephenson, Norway, First Universalist Church of Norway, Unitarian Universalist; First Universalist Church of South Paris           
  • Reverend Emily Blair Stribling, Brooklin, Priest, Trinity Episcopal Church, Castine       
  • John Sullivan, Saco, Retired Episcopal Organist
  • Reverend Tamara Torres, Portland, Associate Minister, First Parish Congregational UCC, Gorham           
  • Vicar Kit Wang, York, Vicar, St. Stephen the Martyr Episcopal Church           
  • Reverend Diane Wendorf, Sanford, Pastor, North Parish Congregational Church UCC, Sanford
  • Reverend Kristin White, Augusta, Reverend, Green Street United Methodist Church, Augusta
  • Kathy Woodside, Bar Harbor, Moderator, Hancock-Waldo Association, Maine Conference, UCC

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