October 23, 2017

Candidates already running in a Ranked Choice Voting primary speak out

AUGUSTA -- The Maine Legislature is once again taking up Ranked Choice Voting in today's special session. Opponents of Ranked Choice Voting in the Maine Legislature are making another effort to repeal or delay the law, which was approved by the second largest referendum vote of the people last November.

These five Democratic candidates for Governor are weighing in on this issue and encouraging members of their party in government to uphold the will of the Maine people and implement Ranked Choice Voting without delay. They are expecting Ranked Choice Voting to be used in the June 2018 primary.

Gubernatorial candidate and former State Sen. Jim Boyle (D-Gorham) said, “Maine voters were clear. They want a better way to choose who leads our state. Voters support Ranked Choice Voting, and it’s time for politicians to listen. We need to recognize that power belongs in the hands of the people.”

"The voters made a decision and it's our job to put it into effect," said gubernatorial candidate and State Sen. Mark Dion (D-Portland). "Anything less is simply a delaying tactic."

Former Speaker of the Maine House and gubernatorial candidate Mark Eves (D-North Berwick) said, “Legislators ultimately work for the people. There’s a reasonable proposal on the table to bring Ranked Choice Voting into constitutional compliance and honor the will of the voters. I urge lawmakers to take this pragmatic approach.”

"If the Legislature votes to repeal or delay RCV, I'll be the first signature on a people's veto to restore the voter approved law," said gubernatorial candidate and former Rep. Diane Russell (D-Portland).

Progressive advocate Betsy Sweet (D-Hallowell) said, “The only question the legislature should be asking themselves is how do we best enact the will of the Maine people. To delay, repeal, or not implement what voters have voted in favor of is a repudiation of the democratic process. It contributes to the cynicism that is all too prevalent already.”

"Maine voters want leadership and lawmakers to do the right thing and defend the will of the people," said Dick Woodbury, chair of the Committee for Ranked Choice Voting. "Maine voters want more voice and more choice in the 2018 election. There’s no justification to repeal or delay Maine's Ranked Choice Voting law. It must be implemented now."


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