Business Coalition for Ranked Choice Voting

When politicians can win without majority support, they become more accountable to narrow political factions. The best interests of our state and its people can take a back seat to the priorities of powerful lobbyists and big donors.

As Maine small business owners, we’re competing against the largest international corporations which have the greatest ability to tip the scales of government in their favor. That results in policies that benefit big chains and Wall Street to the detriment of local businesses. A fairer election system will result in fairer policies for Maine small business owners.

Question 5 restores majority rule and levels the playing field. Voters have the power to rank candidates for public office, so their voices matter more. Candidates must reach beyond their bases and appeal to voters more broadly.

Question 5 ensures that politicians who are opposed by a majority of voters can never win. It eliminates the "spoiler" effect and the need for "strategic voting," and gives voters more voice and more choice in our democracy.

Join our coalition of business owners and business community leaders across Maine to help us change the way we elect our leaders and improve politics, so Maine's economy and its people can thrive.

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