Letter: "Ranked Choice Voting Is Right For Maine"

Seacoast Online

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I strongly support the campaign for ranked choice voting, which would reform and modernize Maine’s electoral system.  This “common sense” reform was presented at several town meetings during the last election cycle.  If we approve this reform, we could put an end to the “spoiler effect” and ensure that our leaders are elected with a majority of support.

Our current system of plurality voting works well when there are just two candidates running for office.  But,  it does not work well when there are more than two candidates, as commonly happens in our state.

Ranked choice voting has all the benefits of a traditional run-off, without having to return to the polls for another election.  By competing not just for first, but also second choice rankings, ranked choice voting would discourage negative campaigning and all the false issues that come with it.  We would experience more civility.  The most important debates over public policy would take precedent,  And, candidates would be compelled to attract a broader base of support.

In the last couple of gubernatorial elections, many voters have felt stuck between voting strategically for the most “electable” candidate and voting for who they believe would be able to best lead our state to prosperity.

I believe that ranked choice voting would inspire voters to feel more confident in their selection of the best man or woman for the job without fear of helping to elect their least favorite candidate.

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