Letter: "Make your vote count"

Saco-Biddeford-OOB Courier

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To the Editor:

It is time to change the way we elect our leaders.  Maine needs ranked choice voting--a fair way to elect leaders who represent a majority of votrers.  A number of Maine governors, for example, have been elected with less than 50 percent of the votes--some with less than 40 percent.  This is not fair representation.

I want my vote to count.  With ranked chocie voting, I don't have to decide between my best candidate and the one I think can win over my least favorite candidate.  I simply vote for my first choice and know that if there is no majority winner, then my second choice candidate gets my vote.  

My vote did not count in the last gubernatorial election.  I believe that ranked choice voting will give Independent candidates a fair chance to run for office, will encourage all candidates to devote more time to discussing issues, and will result in less negative campaigning.  

I am not active in politics; I am not one to write letters to the editor.  Ranked choice voting is important enough to ask readers to think about, talk to others about it, and vote in favor of it next November.  It doesn't matter if you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent, ranked choice voting will benefit all of us.

Donna Beveridge, Saco

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