Letter: "Ranked Choice Voting"

Lincoln County News

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To the Editor:

I would like to offer a word of thanks for the many people that stopped by our table at the Jefferson Polls last Tuesday to learn about Ranked Choice Voting. 

During the last 40 years, in only two of the last 11 elections have we elected a governor with more than 50 percent of the votes cast: Joseph Brennan in 1982 and Angus King in 1998. Allowing voters to rank the candidates (first, second, third, and so on) would produce a much better result.

In a ranked choice election with three candidates split 40, 32 and 28 percent for example, the 28 percent of the ballots cast for the least favored candidate would have their second choices considered. The candidate with 40 percent would need one ballot more than 10 percent of the reassigned votes to be declared the winner, while the other candidate would need one ballot more than 18 percent.

No, you couldn't have more than once choice for the same candidate.

The winner could then govern with the support of a true majority. Candidates would compete for the favor of the voter rather than trying to knock each other off. The effect of spoiler candidates would be eliminated.

To learn more go to www.rcvmaine.com.

Bill Williamson, Jefferson

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