Letter: "Voters Like Ranked-Choice"

Portland Press Herald

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The Oct. 19 article titled “Petition calls for Maine to be first state to vote by ranked choice” inspired me to support the ranked-choice voting effort in Maine.

The article made it clear that ranked-choice voting puts the power back in voters’ hands by ensuring elected officials are backed by a majority of voters.

After reading the article, I signed up to work on Election Day asking voters to fill out postcards in support of ranked-choice voting. Voters were overwhelmingly supportive. They understood how the system worked, thought it was easy to use and saw it as fair.

Many voters expressed frustration that ranked-choice voting had not already been implemented at the state level, citing Maine’s extensive history of electing governors who are not backed by a majority of voters. Nine of our past 11 governors won elections with less than 50 percent of voter support.

Alex Vito, Portland

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