Letter: Need for ranked-choice voting

Bangor Daily News

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For each voter in the booth, ranked-choice voting is as simple as one-two-three. My first-grade grandson can do it.

No one has to participate. If you have only one preference among three or more, just mark your single choice and move on. It’s not a big deal.

But ranked-choice voting gives us the option to participate in an election runoff with only a single trip to the polls. It adds a valuable service for busy and engaged citizens. As we voters drive to the polls and stand in line, we owe ourselves this opportunity for the election system to make better use of our time.

When there are multiple candidates, will it take longer to count ballots? Sometimes it might, but it’s a lot less time and expense than a runoff election. And with computerized tallying, it can be as quick as an instant scratch ticket.

Question 5, the referendum for ranked-choice voting, is a great way for us to add value and depth to citizen participation in future elections.

Peter Mills


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