Letter: Yes on Question 5 for more compromise

The Forecaster

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In favor of cooperation and independent thinking, I am voting yes on Question 5. I want to rank my choices of candidates because I believe that for a candidate to win, they must represent the majority of Mainers.

This state cultivates independent thinkers, creatives, and entrepreneurs. Many of the state’s successes can be linked to the tendency for Mainers to work collaboratively, in pursuit of similar goals. This cooperation requires give and take.

Recently, politicians seem to have forgotten the give-and-take component to progress. Tumultuous elections have been directed by single-minded campaign platforms harping on what’s wrong with other candidates, rather than on what a particular candidate will contribute.

Ranked choice voting would encourage candidates to run campaigns based on compromise rather than division. So, think creatively and independently, and join me in voting yes on Question 5 this November.

Zoe Kitchel


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