Letter: "Campaigns, Elections and Ranked Choice Voting"

Times Record

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We-the-people want and need clean elections, not under the influence of “big and dark money,” either from inside the state, or out.

We-the-people want and need accountability and transparency in/from our government.

And we-the-people can take good steps in those directions by supporting Ranked Choice Voting — the method of voting which creates a true majority, that will listen to our wants and needs, and act accordingly. Even if our first-choice candidate doesn’t receive a clear majority, in our single trip to the polls, our second choice vote may well give us the next best thing, and will give a clear majority, regardless (something that we must live with, in a true democracy). And because those second-choice votes may well mean the winning of the election, the politicians will be much more inclined to drop the slurs and bombastic rhetoric and give us clear information on the issues, as they see them. This will make it easier for us hold them accountable to their promises — and more able to insist on transparency, sensible budgets, proper oversight, and programs that function well for the majority of us.

Carole Sargent, Brunswick

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