Article: Maine Republicans Endorse Question 5


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Maine Republican leaders held a press conference today to endorse Question 5, or Ranked Choice Voting.

If passed, the new system would allow voters in Maine to rank as many or as few candidates as they please if there are more than two options.

The candidates with the least amount of first place votes would be eliminated and the voter’s second choice would be counted.

This process would continue until one leader receives a majority of first place votes.

“Not only does it put more power in the hand of voters, but your voice matters more in the process. Leaders are elected by a majority rather than an enthusiastic, passionate, narrow-base of supporters backed by special interest. So when they go to Augusta or Washington, they have a majority coalition behind them and a mandate to lead and govern.”

Republican leaders we spoke with believe that the new voting system will force candidates to reach out to voters who typically wouldn’t vote for their party.

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