Letter: Support ranked-choice voting

The Bangor Daily News

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Ranked-choice voting is an easy non-partisan election reform that increases the power of voters. With ranked-choice voting, when there are more than two candidates running for an office, ballots are set up so that voters can rank the candidates in order of preference. If a candidate wins a majority when the votes are counted, it’s over. If not, the last-place finisher is dropped, and the second-choice votes on the ballots for that candidate are distributed to the remaining candidates in an instant runoff. This continues until there is a majority winner.

The process makes sure that the winner gets a majority of votes from everyone who participates in ranking the candidates. Therefore, we will be confident that the results of multi-candidate races will most closely reflect the actual will of the voters.

I think elections will become more civil because candidates will have to campaign to a broader electorate. And democracy will be increased because voters will be given more voice and more choice when they vote. Ranked-choice voting has been used in several U.S. cities for school board, city council and mayoral races and in Australia and Ireland with great success. We should increase the power of Maine voters by supporting ranked-choice voting and voting yes on Question 5 in November.

Ron Bilancia


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