Letter: A vote for ranked choice"

American Journal

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With all the chaos and turmoil in Augusta lately, voters have been looking for solutions to ensure that our government is representing the best interests of all Maine people.  One of the more compelling proposals has been the call for a ranked-choice voting, a voting system that would put power back in voters' hands to ensure that our elected officials have the support fo a majority of the Maine electorate.

Ranked-choice voting makes sense for our elections.  As a voter, your job is simple: all you have to do is rank the candidates you like in order of preference.  It's an efficient system, too, taking all the benefits of a runoff, without having to go back to the polls for a second time to determine a majority winner.

If you believe that our leaders should be elected by a majority of Maine voters, then I encourage you to learn more about the movement for ranked choice voting in Maine.  More information can be found by visiting fairvotemaine.org.

Lisa Gerhardt, Westbrook

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