Letter: "My Choice"

Bridgton News

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I for one, strongly support the Ranked Choice Voting movement.  I have always believed that elections should result in the winning candidate receiving the majority of the votes, not just the most votes.  I believe it has happened 3 or 4 times here in Maine in the gubernatorial race.  The most recent was Gov. LePage.  One solution is to have run-off elections, but that would be costly and time consuming.  A much more reasonable alternative is the ranked choice voting method.   Rather than me trying to explain ranked choice voting here, I recommend you visit their website, www.fairvotemaine.org.  

The frequently asked questions section is excellent.  The question of ranked choice voting should be on the referendum ballot this fall.  If you don’t like the idea – don’t vote for it.  But please don’t vote for it because you don’t understand the method.  Visit the website, ask family and friends if the can help explain ranked choice voting. 

The reality is that we can expect continued political races with more than 2 candidates.  Let’s make sure that the winner can truly say they have a mandate because they received 50.1% or more of the vote – not because they merely had the most votes!


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