Letter: "Support the Maine Clean Elections Initiative"

Lincoln County News

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I am writing in support of the Maine Clean Elections initiative which will be on the ballot this fall, and asking that when you do vote, that you also take the opportunity to sign the petitions which will be circulated to allow Ranked Choice Voting in our state elections.

The two proposals work logically together to encourage a reduction in the role of big money and anonymous wealthy donors in our elections, while enabling citizens to vote their first choice in a multi-candidate race.  Ranked Choice Voting will ensure the ultimate result is the candidate acceptable to a majority of the voters in any given race.

The details of the two issues can be found at their respective websites: www.accountableelections.org and www.rcvmaine.com.  It is worth noting the League of Women Voters of Maine supports the Ranked Choice Voting petition effort: www.lvme.org/RCV.html.

I particularly encourage folks following the current early preliminaries in the presidential nomination process of both parties to consider how ranked choice voting might help sort out the process, allowing everyone to vote (in the Republican case) for 17 or more candidates in order of preference, and see how that process plays out in winnowing the field in a rational way.

Please do not continue to belabor who spent more money in our local election for state senator last time around.  Any audit of who spent what that doesn't include the tax-deductible business ads for the losing candidate will be misleading.

Until the Maine Clean Elections process is strengthened by a positive vote this fall our democratic traditions will continue to be severely strained.  

These two process initiatives are particularly vital because the substantive policies that need to be enacted, whether to address support for education, infrastructure, fighting drug abuse, or dealing with the costs of climate change, to name only a few issues, cannot occur in a timely manner as long as the interests of the wealthy few result in denial of reality and delay of timely action.

Bruce Rockwood, Damariscotta


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