Letter: "Ranked choice voting improves the election process"

Cape Courier

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Benjamin Franklin made the observation about holding public office that "to serve the public faithfully, and at the same time please it entirely, is impracticable."  However, election after election, our political parties tell us that their candidate has the answers to our issues and we only have two choices, their platform or the other less favorable one, and that any other choice would split the vote.

Our selection on the ballot is not always based on the candidates' competence, ability or position on the issues, but rather if the candidate can win.  We find ourselves selecting leadership by a minority not majority vote.  No one wants to "waste" their vote.  

In the future, we can change this without endangering our political system.  It is called ranked choice voting.  Simply put, your vote goes to the candidate in the order of your preference, regardless of party affiliation.  We watched as the Portland race for mayor used this system with no glitches and a reduction in negative campaigning.  Please join me and the thousands of other Mainers who support this initiative.  For more information on how you can participate in improving our election process, please go to www.rcvmaine.com.  


Roger Bishop, Cape Elizabeth

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