Letter: Support Ranked Choice Voting

Bangor Daily News

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As a young voter, I believe that ranked-choice voting will have positive long-term effects in Maine. Over the past year, I’ve gone from knowing very little about the concept to becoming a committed supporter. I am confident that implementing this system would ensure that the most qualified candidates are elected in Maine. In our state, nine of the last 11 governors were elected with less than a majority vote. That fact signals a broken system. Elected officials should take office by attaining the support of a majority of the public, not a minority.

Perhaps most important, I see ranked-choice voting’s potential to increase voter turnout, especially among young people. I’ve heard my peers express their frustrations surrounding our current plurality voting system, with many complaints regarding vote choice. Ranked-choice voting would fix this problem by allowing individuals to choose their top candidate without having to worry about splitting or throwing away their votes. Since increasing voter participation among young people still is an issue at large, I believe that adopting ranked-choice voting will hopefully encourage young voters to become more engaged in our political system.

On Nov. 8, when we go to the polls to vote, Question 5 will ask Mainers whether to adopt ranked-choice voting for federal and state primary and general elections. I encourage everybody to consider supporting this reform.

Sarah Palmer


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