Letter: "Ranked Choice Voting"

Bangor Daily News

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Nine of the last 11 governors in Maine were elected with less than a majority of support. Three or four candidates have often run for an office in a system that is designed to accommodate two candidates.

Ranked-choice elections guarantee results that truly represent the will of the majority of Maine voters. In a ranked-choice voting election voters are able to rank candidates in order of preference. Ballot counters first would tally up all voters’ No. 1 choice. If no candidate has a majority — 50 percent plus 1 — after this round, the candidate with the least number of votes is eliminated. Ballots for this candidate then are reassigned to the other candidates whom they ranked their No. 2 choice. It continues until one candidate emerges with a majority.

By requiring majority rule, the candidates must run more civil and more positive campaigns. Under a ranked-choice voting system, candidates can’t run a negative, “slash-and-burn” style campaign and still expect to build a broad base of support.

Anne Borreggine


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