Letter: Ranked-choice voting makes sense for Maine

Bangor Daily News

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Are voters satisfied with the fact that our leaders in Augusta and Washington can be elected with just 35 percent of the vote, or do they think it is time to require that they get a majority of the vote? That is the question that will come before Mainers at the polls in November.

Over the last 40 years, nine of our last 11 governors were elected with less than a majority of the vote, but that doesn’t have to stay the same. Once and for all, we can restore majority rule by switching to a system of ranked-choice voting for federal and state primary and general elections.

Mainers want more fairness and more voice in the election process. It’s that simple. They want to know that when the dust has settled that their ballot mattered and that the consensus candidate on a level playing field was chosen.

I urge folks to learn more about why ranked choice voting makes sense for Maine.

Bill Kapaldo


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