Letter: "Ranked Choice Voting"

Bangor Daily News

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The idea that elections for public office boil down to two choices is reluctantly accepted by most people, and the belief that we cannot vote our consciences without the fear of a wasted vote has gone on long enough. The lesser of two evils philosophy is a moral tragedy. We need a more democratic system, one that works well especially when more than two people run for an office. This is why I support ranked-choice voting.

Maine’s voting system does not work well in races with three or more candidates because the winner often fails to receive a majority of the votes cast (50 percent plus 1). Three- and four-way races are common in Maine and, as a result, winners in nine of the last 11 gubernatorial elections failed to receive majority support.

Ranked-choice voting would give voters the opportunity to rank candidates in order of individual preference for the offices of U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, governor, Maine Senate and Maine House of Representatives. It is a simple process and creates a more representative democracy that restores majority rule and empowers voters to make more meaningful choices.

Let your representatives know you want a voting system that allows majority rule no matter what. For more information about how ranked choice voting works and how you can get involved in this movement, visit fairvotemaine.org.

Kimberly Hammill


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