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I'm ready to pivot from intense focus on the national election. There's much to be decided in state and local matters. It's on us to walk into that voting booth well-informed.

One referendum in particular seems like magic, but that's always what common sense feels like. With ranked choice voting, you'll mark down your top choice, your second choice, and so on, and each candidate has a weighted result at the end of the day. There are three big reasons I want ranked choice voting for Maine.

1. It puts our democracy back in the hands of voters, ensuring a majority. Of the last 11 elections for governor, nine of them were elected with less than a majority of the vote. Also, because we'll get to voice our opinion through ranking candidates relative to each other, our vote will say more.

2. The magic doesn't just happen in the ballot booth. Candidates have the chance to be your second choice, so they'll tell you more about what they're for not what they're against. It'll be a fool's errand to campaign negatively against opponents, as their target might be your No. 1 choice.

3. There's no such thing as a "spoiler" or a "wasted vote." New people or parties outside the norm won't be seen as an unwelcome guest crashing party. I'm proud of Maine's independent streak, and this referendum ensures fresh ideas are heard.

I want to hear ideas and find solutions. I want to stop focusing on whether someone's got a "D" or an "R" next to their name. I want to know that our leaders were truly chosen by a majority of the people in Maine.

I want ranked choice voting. Decide for yourself at rcvmaine.com.

Anne Bryant


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