Letter: Time for new voting system

Bangor Daily News

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I support ranked-choice voting because it will allow me to vote for the candidate I most support, without the need to think strategically or fear inadvertently splitting the vote, which could help to elect my least favorite candidate.

In the many three-way gubernatorial races we have had in Maine over the last 40 years, voters have found themselves in the position of having to choose between the candidate they strongly support and the candidate who was tolerable but who had a better chance of winning. Ranked-choice voting would rightfully put an end to the need for this kind of strategic voting.

Beyond the benefits to voters, this system has also been shown to reduce negative campaigning because candidates have to reach out to broader bases of support in order to earn a majority vote.

Ultimately, a ranked-choice voting system positively changes voting and candidate behavior. When voters feel as though they have more choice and candidates feel as though there is an incentive to talk about the issues as opposed to personal attacks, more Mainers will be encouraged and excited to participate in the democratic process.

Susan Shell


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