Letter: "Maine should adopt ranked choice voting"


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I like local elections because they don’t have the negative campaigning and partisan bickering of the state and federal campaigns. I would love to see our state and federal elections look more like our local elections.

Next year, we will all have a chance to vote for an initiative that will improve the way we elect our governor, as well as U.S. and state senators and representatives. This initiative is called Ranked Choice Voting and it reinvigorates representative democracy by eliminating some problems with the current system.

One problem that has cropped up in the last two gubernatorial elections is that people didn’t vote for their first-choice candidate because they worried their votes were going to be “thrown away” if their candidate came in third. RCV eliminates this problem by allowing every voter to rank their choice of candidate. In a three-way race, even if your first choice gets eliminated, your second choice is still counted.

With a ranked-choice voting system in place, voters can support their preferred candidate without the fear that, in doing so, they might help to elect their least-favorite candidate.

I encourage everyone to learn more about RCV. To borrow independent former Gov. Jim Longley’s campaign slogan, “Think About It!” and then support the RCV initiative in 2016.

Andy Jones

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