Letter: The Will of the Majority With Ranked Choice Voting

The Times Record

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There is no electorate in the country more primed for an overhaul of its election system than Maine.

From a historical perspective over the last 40 years, we stand out as having elected 9 of our last 11 governors without a majority vote. In more recent cycles, we saw the consequence of the current system on center stage as campaigns often promoted warped expectations for how voters should participate. We saw direction on both sides of the aisle to vote against candidates, as opposed to voting for candidates. That’s wrong.

If you believe that the integrity of our election system has suffered in recent years and also believe that a majority vote is important, there are alternatives on the horizon.

Ranked Choice Voting has been proposed as a solution to effectively restore majority rule in multi-candidate elections and I support it. This system will move us in the direction of “true north” because it will reveal a more accurate expression of voter preferences.

Perhaps equally important, this system will positively change voting behavior by giving Mainers the power to support their favorite candidates, without the fear that such a decision might inadvertently split the vote and actually help to elect their least favorite candidates.

I urge readers to carefully consider the benefits of a system like Ranked Choice Voting. For more information, please visit the website for the League of Women Voters of Maine here: lwvme.org/RCV.html

Arthur Davis,

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