Letter: Ranked-choice voting would improve elections

Central Maine

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Maine could pass the ranked-choice voting referendum this fall. This is an exciting prospect.

Here are two direct outcomes I think would result: elections would become more civil and more people would feel fully represented by our elected officials. The ripple effect would be a more productive government doing the people’s work.

Think about it. In races with more than two candidates, unless there is a clear majority favorite, every candidate would have to reach beyond their core supporters to get second-place votes from other voters and be the final winner. Getting those second-place votes will require less divisive talk and more focus on issues and solutions the whole community can support.

Maine has so many challenges to solve and plenty of creative ideas to build on. Our elected government is one very important way that we gather our resources to solve problems and lay plans for the future. We need to work together. Ranked-choice voting will help us get there.

Catherine Murray


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