Letter: Better politics with ranked-choice voting

Bangor Daily News

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Ranked-choice voting addresses many of my concerns with politicians and politics. I was born between the generation Xers and the millennials and share many values with both groups. Similarly, I have never identified with any political party because my values lie on both sides of the political spectrum. In the past, I found the polarity within politics so distasteful that I preferred to remain disengaged from the entire environment.

Now I am employed in a full-time profession, own a home, have children in school and am looking for improvements in our political system that will keep candidates honest, open, considerate and seeking after the interest of “We the people” rather than any single political party or interest group. In the quest to win our hearts and minds, candidates often get sidetracked by attacking and defending rather than using valuable, finite resources to think about and address real problems — problems that are not bound by political, economic or social boundaries.

Ranked-choice voting will compel each voter to consider the merits of each candidate and will require each candidate to consider each voter. It will provide an opportunity for all of us to engage with our to-be elected officials in a way that will bring civility, candor and efficiency to our political process. This is why I am recommitting myself to re-engage with the political beast I previously loathed.

Jonathan Bench


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