Letter: "Ranked Choice Voting"

Rockland Free Press

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As the Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) referendum to be voted on this November becomes better known and receives wider approval, two fallacies have sprung up that we would like to address.

Fallacy #1 is that RCV would require an amendment to Maine’s Constitution for implementation. Multiple legal scholars have been surveyed on this matter, including the former Dean of the Law School at the University of Maine, the University’s constitutional law professor, and Maine’s former Deputy Attorney General, all of whom state unequivocally that the RCV proposal is indeed constitutional.

Fallacy #2 is that RCV is a “liberal sore-loser” reaction to the election of Governor LePage. The last two Democratic governors, the last two Independent governors, and the last two Republican governors were all elected to their first terms (and in most cases their second term too) by less than 50 percent of voters. The first RCV bill was introduced in 2001, when Independent Angus King was governor. RCV legislation was introduced several times after Democrat John Baldacci was re-elected Governor in 2006 by less than 40 percent of voters.

We urge all Knox County voters to familiarize themselves with Ranked Choice Voting and its benefits, not the least of which is its discouragement of negative campaigning.

Camden Committee for Ranked Choice Voting, Lucie Bauer, Ben Ellison, Charlie Graham, Barb Ohland, Beedy Parker, Jan Warren

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