Letter: "No votes wasted with ranked choice voting"

The Forecaster

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Having lived in Ireland for two years and watched how ranked-choice voting works in reality, I support the initiative to bring it to Maine. It is truly a much more equitable representational system than the increasingly corrupt, inefficient and destructive voting system currently in place.

For those who do not understand how ranked choice works, it is simply a way of designating your first, second and third (more if there are many candidates running for one office) choice in a political race. Your voice as a voter is heard more completely and each individual has more effect on the election of any one person.

How does this happen? By allowing your vote to judge all the candidates. Ranked-choice voting tends to make the truly fringe elements of all parties less attractive and candidates that represent a larger portion of the voting public more attractive. It reduces the need for voting against a candidate rather than for someone you believe will support your point of view. It represents more of the voting public in a larger and more impactful way, encourages candidates to address issues for all voters, not just a fringe base of voters, and represents us all in a more meaningful way. Your vote still only counts once, but under this system, it's not wasted.

Kerry Corthell

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