Letter: "Yes to ranked choice voting"

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Yes to ranked choice voting

I am a supporter of ranked choice voting. Since 1990, six of seven governors have been elected by a minority. Because of fear of the “spoiler effect,” independents, Greens, Democrats and Republicans have all been faced with voting against the person they don’t want, instead of for the person they do want.

Ranked choice voting gives us all the benefits of run-off elections, but with less cost and more participation. Former Sen. Dick Woodbury’s Jan. 26 OpEd made the case well, giving six excellent reasons to back this electoral reform. For me, his last reason may be the best: If a candidate knows that he or she may need to be people’s first and second choice, that candidate is less likely to attack other candidates to drag them down. Imagine if politicians had to focus on how they would help us, instead of how the other guy would hurt us?

Some opponents say the two-party system is best. Do you believe it’s working? Others say ranked choice voting is too complicated. Have you ever ranked the best quarterbacks in NFL history, or done any other “who’s better than who?” list? If you have, then you can vote in ranked choice voting with no problem.

Another way that ranked choice voting is better than regular run-offs is that here isn’t another period of time for political ads, mailers, and phone calls.

Scott Cuddy


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