Letter: "Minority Rule Must Go"

Rockland Free Press

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We were shocked to learn that in 9 of the last 11 Maine elections for governor the winner took office with less than majority support. Some even were “victorious” with less than 40 percent of voter support. As concerned and frustrated Maine voters we are tired of our system of governance by the minority. It is time now in the November 2016 elections to install a system to allow the Maine majority to select our leaders.

In November we will finally have the opportunity to restore majority rule in Maine. The proposed change to  Ranked Choice Voting will address the current conditions of our three- and four-way races (so common in Maine) that all too often leave us ruled by the minority. A Ranked Choice Voting system is real democracy, one where the majority will govern.

It is important to understand that this is not a partisan issue. A Ranked Choice Voting system does not give any political party an edge. Rather it levels the field so no Maine vote will be wasted as in the all-too-common situation where like-minded Mainers split their votes only to get their least-desired choice. The Ranked Choice Voting option is genuine democracy. It is efficient and operates in real time avoiding costly and delayed additional voting rounds which have been shown to discourage voters. A Ranked Choice Voting system always results in a winner with more than 50 percent of the vote. This is the true democracy that all Mainers deserve. Additional information on this critical issue is at www.fairvotemaine.org.

Susan Rice Lee, Vinalhaven; Nan Lee, North Haven

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