Letter: "Ranked Choice Voting will improve elections"

Bangor Daily News

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This year we will vote on a ballot question that asks if we wish to reform our voting system to use ranked-choice voting. I encourage all voters to learn more about this important change and how it can improve the political system that in the past has resulted in many voters feeling they had no voice.

One of the real benefits of ranked-choice voting is how it improves the primary election process. When political parties “clear the field” to choose who they deem to be a strong general election contender, we all lose regardless of what political party we support.

Ranked-choice voting eliminates vote splitting, so that like-minded candidates don’t split the vote between like-minded voters, allowing a candidate who may not have broad support to capture his or her party’s nomination.

How does this work? Instead of just choosing one candidate, voters will be able to rank the candidates as their first choice, second choice and third choice. If no candidate receives a majority of votes cast, the candidate with the least number of votes has lost and is eliminated. Ballots for this candidate are reassigned to the remaining candidates based on those voters’ second choices and the ballots are tallied again, until a candidate has more than 50 percent of the vote.

Lynne Horst


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