Letter: "Ranked Choice Voting is right for Maine"


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I represented part of Cumberland County as a Republican in the Maine House and Senate for over a decade. Like many of my former colleagues and constituents, I am deeply concerned about increasing polarization and gridlock in Augusta. I am also optimistic that reforms, like ranked choice voting, will help to solve these problems.

Ranked choice voting is a common-sense reform that we can adopt now to help restore Maine’s tradition of civility in campaigns and government, and put power back in the hands of voters, where it belongs. It works just like actual runoff elections – without requesting voters to return to the polls to vote in another expensive, drawn-out election.

Voters rank candidates in order of preference: your first choice, your second choice, etc. If your first choice doesn’t win, your vote is instantly counted for the candidate you ranked second, so you never feel like your vote is “wasted.”

Candidates are encouraged to reach beyond their bases and appeal to more voters, so politicians are more accountable to Maine people, rather than to lobbyists and other special interests.

I am proud to stand with hundreds of current and former elected officials –Republicans, Independents, and Democrats – from across Maine in support of the nonpartisan citizen initiative for ranked choice voting, which will be voted on by Maine people in November.

Jerry Davis

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