Opponents have launched yet another effort to repeal voter-approved Ranked Choice Voting, this time by collecting signatures to place on the November 2020 ballot a veto of the newly-enacted law that adopted Ranked Choice Voting for presidential primaries and general elections. They want the ability to "split the vote" and elect candidates who are opposed by a majority of voters.

Enough is enough. Maine voters have already spoken loudly and clearly — not once, but twice — that they want Ranked Choice Voting used in Maine’s primaries and general elections. Maine voters don’t want a third vote in four years on this issue — the second consecutive attempt by opponents to overturn the will of the people on this issue.

Maine voters are sick and tired of politicians who substitute their judgement for the judgement of the people, and who ignore what voters say they want at the ballot box, in this case, repeatedly.

Please don't sign the petition against Ranked Choice Voting. Urge your friends, family members, and neighbors to NOT sign the petition against Ranked Choice Voting.

Ranked Choice Voting gives more choice and more voice to voters. With RCV, you have the freedom to vote for the candidate you like best without worrying that you will help to elect the candidate you like least. Ranked Choice Voting eliminates vote-splitting and ensures that candidates who are opposed by a majority of voters can never win.

Ranked Choice Voting is simple, fair, and easy. Voters in Maine's 2018 primary and general elections overwhelmingly reported in exit surveys that RCV was easy to use (Edison Research, Bangor Daily News). 

The Committee for Ranked Choice Voting has led the fight to fix a broken political system in Maine, and will continue to lead the movement to win, protect, and expand RCV. We invite you to join us!

Timeline of Ranked Choice Voting in Maine

  • November 2016: A majority of Maine voters approved Question 5 to adopt Ranked Choice Voting at the ballot box in the second largest referendum vote by the people in our state’s history, and it became enacted law.

  • October 2017: a majority in the Maine Legislature disregarded the will of the people and repealed the people’s Ranked Choice Voting law in a special late-night session.

  • February 2018: Maine people collected more than 80,000 signatures in 88 days to place a People’s Veto on the June 12, 2018 ballot to protect the people’s Ranked Choice Voting law.

  • June 2018: Maine people stood up to the politicians in Augusta and approved Question 1, the People’s Veto to protect Ranked Choice Voting. Maine voters also made history by being the first in the nation to use Ranked Choice Voting in a statewide primary election.

  • November 2018: Maine voters became the first in the nation to use Ranked Choice Voting in a statewide general election for U.S. Senate and U.S. House.

  • August 2019: New majorities in the Maine Legislature stood up for the will of the people and expanded voter-approved Ranked Choice Voting to include presidential primaries and general elections with the passage of LD 1083 sponsored by Senate President Troy Jackson.